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Tutto Già Deciso

This is my centre, this is my start and this is my end
Then it’s an act of simulation, in assimilation

This is my responsibility

This is not fate
The intensity of my past and the intensity of my present
You, the living embodied recorder of history
I synergise with you
Not to halt
Not to surpass
Yes! Precisely to drift

Even before we were born we were attached to the cord, the cord of life, relation, existence and vitality. In culturally religious practices, circumambulation is an act of finding the center or assimilating yourself with the superior. The performance piece reflects on our relation with being, nature and universe. The action, in-action and their reaction. Of “why this happened” to “this is because it happened”, the matter of matching the right nodes, right cords and right moments. It’s all drifting in an invisible boundless boundaries either you go forward or backward. The question of relativity in a simple act of attaching oneself. An allegory prompting the idea of intermingling where in a perfectly senseless world we try to make sense of our actions with all the reasoning. In the performance the artist attaches herself to a tree with a cotton cord made by her and circumambulates the tree until reaching in its proximity and repeating the same outward. The weight of action depends on the distance and the force between the artist and the tree, holded by the cord. It can break at any sudden moment or continue to circumambulate.

The tree cannot forget or dispose of the marks of time and becomes a metaphor for all systems of growth and change and for the structure of history itself. Ideating that both fate and free will are really one, though they may differ in the matter of time. The relative strength of our past actions and our present actions.

-Vanshika Agrawal

Handmade Cotton cord, 18 minutes

Performed at Villa Pamphili, Rome, 2023

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