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0 to 0, 

The infinite possibilities within us

The infinite possibilities outside us

In a forever changing world
There is stillness

Utter white
I wonder where it began When I opened my eyes or
When I closed my eyes

0 to 0 is a slip into white immaterial abstraction, need to dissolve and merge the body in spatial and temporal landmark, abolishing all materiality and resistances in the given context while at the same time, imparting a materiality and fragility inside the white cube. By using this traditional device the artist activates the transcendental modes of presence and power, that by definition give access to the another world. Body as a dissolved matter in an enclosed space becomes a challenging reality.


The performance has been conceptualized as a response to constant evolving and withering mass. The artist encloses herself in a transparent cube situated on a display pedestal as a classic iconic image and the fog slowly starts filling the cube. Eliminating the traces of art object. Leaving white stillness and the presence of being. Body in constraint investigates the authority of it, referring to female identity and ideologies around it.

-Vanshika Agrawal


Pedestal, plexi cube, fog mister, 90 minutes

Performed at AAIE Art Center for Contemporary Art, Rome2022 on the occasion of closing of exhibiton "Abitudine Artistica Ideologica Eccellente"

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