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Like a kiss from the back

When white permeates the sky, it comes down to earth, into our bodies, we live until we become air and dissolve in nowhere. 


The performance investigates material bodies, mutating as biomes in a limited environment subjected to constant fog simulation. Focusing on the unfixed impermanence of things Agrawal makes one aware of transience. How dematerialised synergies from a symbiotic relationship activate modes of power and presence. How the intensity and the inertia of bodies while remaining active leave a trace of body substance. By blurring out the details throughout the duration and reducing the body movements she emphasizes what is certainly hidden. In the perpetual erasing of characters, we are made aware of the absence while shaping our own memory of the instant.

Delicate and powerful her performances highlight the evanescence and the duality that permeates every aspect of our human experience.

-Vanshika Agrawal


Coperformer India Tara Braun


Pedestal, plexi cube, fog mister, 80 minutes

Performed at Kraftwerk on the opening of Kunstresidenz exhibition, BadGastein, Austria, 2023 

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