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Elixir like a magical potion for life. In the performance, the rhythmic, constant and collective work creates a magical potion that narrates the dualism between life and death. The performance - conceived especially for Spazio 110 - is an act of communion with a group of performers grinding marble flakes in a domestic space. In Indian culture - and all rural cultures in general - grinding is mainly performed by women to create food rations for the family. It is not merely a gesture of domestic life, but a symbol of collective identity, power and the social structures imposed on women.

The use of marble is a conscious choice in the creation of the elixir. Marble is an essential part of the history, art and architecture of ancient Rome. An element of sacredness and purity that can be the result of many sacrifices and hard work. A symbol of social status and power that is moulded by many hands, dissolving into its dust like nothingness.

It is the physicality of work, the physicality of life, the awareness of being destined to return to nothingness and to eternity.

Added to the collective gesture of grinding is the symbolism of the dust offerings to the audience, which serve as an elixir for communion. The act of offering the powder becomes a ritual of connection and shared experience.

The elixir is thus a reminder of unity, work, social identities and power structures.


-Maria Teresa Capacchione​

Marble chips, mortar, rags, marble dust, baskets and trays , 40 minutes

Studio 110, Rome, 2024 

Co-performers: Giulia Romolo, Paco Sangrado (Francesco Imperatrice), Serena Gandini

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