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The performance DOOJ is a durational piece in which the artist makes a loose yarn from a white cotton fiber pile, marking it every few minutes with her blood while walking around the city of venice and leaving the parts of this fragile creation throughout the path as pieces of evolving and withering phenomenon like the floating venezia, to connect, lose and find.

Creating a signifier for the web of interdependencies which binds us to each other, to other species, and to the planet as a whole but at the same time can also draw boundaries if we are to put diversity aside and erase their own distinctiveness. An allegory, prompting the issues of identity politics, the intolerable social pressure and homogenization of women. The idea comes from the artist’s rich indigineous cultural background where every bond is “celebrated”, the very meaning of the hindi word “DOOJ”.

The use of blood in performance arts has a long history, talking about interrogating gender roles to also instill a sense of intimacy, shared humanity. Both elements are to balance each other while the performance itself is a cyclic event as a re-enactment of the ritualistic parallel world we live in.

Cotton, blood, blade, 90 minutes

Performed in Venice as part of Biennale Sessions, 2022

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