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Because I could not stop for Death

The recurring events of death become the key to show the connection between the artists’ idea of absurdity and death by creating an absurd situation of life and death. Death exposes the man towards becoming the Absurd Man. Despite being alienated, the man continues to live the absurd life with consciousness, in a world of absurdity accepting the inevitability of death. Where the subtle changes in symbols change the meaning and where the symbols describe death, but the reality counterattacks the meaning of symbols. A situation of denial and acceptance.

The artist bounds herself by performing the dead makes herself devoid from thoughts, emotions and purpose, questioning the relationship between existence and meaninglessness of life. Through deconstructing the individual identity into multiple identities through the medium of photography, she illustrates the consciousness of one’s own death in the presence of absolute meaninglessness, which triggers the focalization to contemplate deeply about life and death without limiting the portrayal. 


-Anica Huck

2 portraits, garland, table, white drapery 4 days ; 12+ hours

Performed at RUFA Space, Rome, 2022 at a Double Exhibition

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