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Just Ignore It

It is bold to occupy the space with one’s own presence, with one’s own body, to challenge and embarrass the audience, not necessarily in a negative way.

The performance by the young female artist derives inspiration from everyday action. Somewhat like the Semiotics of the Kitchen by Martha Rosler, the viewer might wonder is this really a work of art. Agrawal is boldly asking: Ignorance, inferior or superior, voluntary or involuntary? Unlike Rosler who performed for the camera, Agrawal - present in the gallery space - invites the audience as a direct witness and possibly a participant in the act. She holds the space for those present in the reminiscence to what art might have been for them and what will it be after this.

I would like to conclude by quoting Vanshika: Consequently, the viewer has no choice instead to notice & question it in a successful or failed attempt by the artist to define ignorance and time in relation to body, space & course of action.

-Marta Jovanovic`

 4 mirrors, toothbrushes, toothpaste 30+ minutes

Performed at MAJA Arte Contemporanea, Rome, 2022, a solo show

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