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Grace Before The End

“Grace Before The End” is a call to cherish the state of some fine moments as people walk through the pathway rustling the dry leaves before crushing them into a thousand pieces. The maples are in the most beautiful stage before the fall, spreading warmth everywhere, like some ephemeral days of autumn before it gets white. The green moss on the wall is portraying the contrast between life and death, fragility and strength. The use of mirror is about the contemplation of eternity within the very movement of life, the illusion that we create for ourselves while gazing at it.

The project aims to understand the borderline between being alive and being dead when breath becomes air when there is no more clinging to life as one detaches itself from the tree of life, discovering the interpretations of borders, investigating inner and outer spaces in spatial mechanisms. Blurring the distinction between man-made and natural world. As people walk through the passage inventing their own story, finding a moment of always within never. 

Dry maple leaves, moss, white net, mirror sheet, cardboard, Variable Dimensions

Developed during Residency "Il DECAMERON" at AAIE Art Center For Contemporary Art, Rome, 2021

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