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Manifesting Remembrance

Inspired by individual life experience. I invited the audience to enter into my personal space (conceptual) and leave their traces like a part of their soul manifested as footprints. Footprints have always been a symbol of carriage or the presence of a person. The single sheet of paper is a representation of one life that cannot be erased but must be added onto. It’s about manifesting the encounters and experiences that we come across in our life. Some remain fresh and some fade away with time as we meet new ones. The color red is a token of both good fortune and misery like the encounters in our life. At the end of the piece, I was left with an artwork having the little parts of their souls that they have left into my abode which I will carry along in the warmth of those red footprints.

In Indian Hindu weddings, there is a post-wedding ritual where a new bride walks into the groom’s home leaving behind red footprints as a symbol of prosperity.

Exploring the topic of memory, in space and time while creating individual experiences through a submissive approach as entering into a unified space.

Fabriano Unica Paper, metal tray, tempra color, 600 x 70 cm (paper dimensions)

Performed at Rufa Space during Performance Cluster curated by Marta Jovanović, 2021, Rome

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